Sammlung Galerie Marenzi

Sammlung Galerie Marenzi
Leibnitz im Marenziquartier (altes Kino)

Ausstellung bis 22. Dezember 2018
Bahnhofstraße 14, 8430 Leibnitz

Abbildung: Fotoserie:
 Remindset, Joerg Auzinger

The photo series Remindset shows a repeating museum display case motive. The portrayed showcases each display an object partially superimposed by the reflection on the surface of the glass. The observer’s outlook is expanded by these reflections to include each of the other showcases and their objects. All objects become visible in every showcase. The reflections meld with the objects into a unified image, each showcase displaying a different structure of the miniaturized picture world.

Galerie Marenzi

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