Joerg Auzinger

Joerg Auzinger is a media artist living and working in Vienna and in Graz, Austria. Auzinger’s artistic work is situated between art, science and technology and often deals with the relationship between human, nature and machine and the sociopolitical aspects of a technology-based communication society. In interactive installations, photographic works and objects, he analyzes the function of new and old media and their construction of realities and the associated changes in our concept of reality. His work often deals with the correlation of analog and digital conditions. Joerg Auzinger studied media art with Peter Weibel. Previously, he graduated from the Department of Audiovisual Media Arts at Graz Ortweinschule for art and design with Richard Kriesche and studied film directing at the Vienna Film Academy under Axel Corti. Joerg Auzinger’s works can be seen in national and international exhibitions. Auzinger was a visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts for „Expanded Photography“. He holds workshops and lectures, was artistic director of the gallery reflector in Vienna and co-founder of the Graz art association support. He has curated an international art prize and was the organizer of regularly held art salons in the Vienna suburb areas. Auzinger works in the fields of interactive installations, film and media art as well as in artistic research and scientific topics. He pursues interdisciplinary artistic approaches and usually realizes his projects interactively and participatively. The viewer thus becomes an active participant and thus an essential part of the project.


Awards / Prizes / Scholarships

Scholarship of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna for La Biennale die Venezia Summerschool

Study abroad scholarship for Frankfurt, Germany

Study abroad scholarship for Rome, Italy

Study abroad scholarship for Paliano; Italy

Study abroad scholarship for San Diego, USA from the Province of Styria

Support grant for modern fine arts by the Province of Styria:
Work Study Scholarship from the Province of Styria

Neptune Award, overall winner with the
interactive installation “image.acgt”

Photographic support grant, City of Graz

Styrian film support grant

Styrian Cultural Initiative Award

Styrian film support grant

Styrian Award of Recognition in Photography

Upper Austrian Talent Support Award

Urania Graz Photography Award

Styrian film support grant



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Joerg Auzinger was born in Linz, Austria

1982 – 1987
Kollegium Aloisianum
Jesuit Academic Highschool, Linz

1987 – 1992
Department of Audiovisual Media Arts
Secondary Technical College for Art and Design, Graz, Prof. Richard Kriesche

1992 – 1994
Studies in film directing
University for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Prof. Axel Corti, Department for Television and Film

1994 – 2002
Studies in Media Arts
Master Degree in Media Arts, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Prof. Peter Weibel

Founding member of the graz based art society support
Exhibitions focusing on contemporary media art

1999 – 2002
Media theory and semiotics studies
Institute for Art and Knowledge Transfer,
University of Applied Arts and Institute for Philosophy, University Vienna

2001 – 2003
Teaching position in media art and photography
Secondary Technical College for Art and Design, Graz

Visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts
for „Expanded Photography“, Vienna

2013 – 2016
Artistic Director of the contemporary art space and gallery reflektor, Vienna.


Artistic works since 1992
Joerg Auzinger currently lives and works in Vienna and in Graz, Austria


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